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UV light promotes the curing process and is able to alter the molecular properties of polymers which are responsive to this portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. These materials, known as photopolymers, are usually a type of mouldable resin and have been established as key components in enamels and varnishes.

When exposed to UV light, the structure of a photopolymer is changed during a process called curing or cross-linking, where photo-initiators promote the networking of monomers and oligomers within the material, which results in hardening. This process is widely known as polymerisation.

Ushio’s wide selection of UV lamps are ideal for polymerisation application and are particularly well implemented in a large number of processes requiring the quick setting of coatings, inks, paints, and lacquers.

Unique Lamps Designed For Your Polymerisation Application

  • Plug-and-play for super-fast lamp exchange
  • Reaches full power in 3 to 5 seconds (up to 1 kW)
  • Simultaneous power connection and secure mounting
  • Pinched seals reduce unit size; maintain arc length
  • Standard, synthetic, or ozone-free quartz types
  • Emitters doped with gallium, iron, etc. are available
  • Standard flying leads, plug-in, rectangular, and axially-mounted contact connections are available on request

Ushio UV Customisable Features

  • Any lamp length available, up to 2500 mm
  • Arc lengths between 15 mm and 2300 mm
  • Quartz tube diameter variants from 13 mm to 45 mm
  • Optional tube coatings including platinum, gold, zirconium
  • Endless possibilities for customised base design

Which Industries Utilise UV Polymerisation Techniques?

  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • CD, DVD, Blu-Ray production
  • Ceramic production
  • Drying of UV reactive inks, paints, and varnishes
  • Glass production
  • Graphic Art
  • Inspection
  • Offset printing
  • Plastics production
  • Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) production
  • Rubber production industry
  • UV curing
  • Wood production industry

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