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Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) & UV Duct Relining Solutions

Cured-In-Place pipe (CIPP) and duct relining methods enable the rehabilitation of underground pipelines with minimal disruption. Also described as “trenchless technology”, this process of building a new pipe within an existing one has become a huge market for producers of polymer resin and composite materials. “No dig” pipe repair saves time and money for the pipe renovation specialists, the surrounding communities, and municipal authorities because CIPP lining does not usually require any extensive excavation.

Standard methods of curing the new lining into the old pipe include hot water, steam, and UV curing. Ushio has over 55 years of experience in the manufacture of speciality UV light sources, and has become a market leader in the provision of such emitters to the pipe renovation industry.

Which Industries Utilise Ushio UV CIPP / Duct Relining Technology?

Almost 50 years after the first successfully implemented CIPP in London, 2019 independent research has predicted that the global CIPP market could reach a value of over 2.3 billion Euros by 2023. UV solutions are gaining a significant proportion of this market due to the uptake of CIPP methods in many major private, commercial, and municipal pipe renovation scenarios:

  • Sewerage Removal
  • Storm Water Drain Management
  • Mains Water System
  • Gas Supply
  • Chemical Transport
  • Pipe Liner Manufacturers
  • Pipe Lining Robotics, Video, Drilling, and Curing OEMs
  • End User Lamp Replacements

How Do Ushio UV CIPP & Duct Relining Lamps Work?

After a thorough cleaning process and subsequent pipe damage video analysis, the untreated pipe liner is carefully pulled through the affected section. Once in position, precisely controlled air pressure is used to inflate the lining inside the faulty pipe. At this point, a snake-like “duct train” relining device installed with Ushio UV emitters is introduced to the pipe to begin the curing process.

Ushio’s UV lamps are attuned to the specific wavelength of your chosen UV-reactive pipe liner and activate the photoinitiators within the material. The photoinitiators fracture into uncharged molecules, or highly reactive free radicals, which in turn catalyses crosslinking and cures the resin within the pipe.

Ushio’s lighting solutions are able to complete the photo-initiation stage for UV-reactive CIPP resins once they have been applied in-situ. The integrity of the pipe system, such as a drain or sewer, is then restored quickly without disrupting community infrastructure above ground.

Ushio UV Curing Lamp Top Specifications

  • Power rating from 150W up to several kW
  • Choose from single or double-ended base
  • Optional jacket tube
  • Available with open or closed jacket tube
  • Base with wire or plug-in technology
  • Dimmable for precision control
  • Perfect lamp match for any train size
  • New innovative design for the best quality

Benefit From Ushio UV Curing Lamp Technology

  • Able to withstand harsh environmental conditions (shock, vibration, moisture, etc.)
  • Quick installation
  • Fast, reproducible curing results
  • Long lamp lifetime
  • UV spectrum is optimised for use with all major pipe liner materials
  • Approved and endorsed by major UV duct train and pipe liner manufacturers

For more information on Ushio’s UV lamp solutions for trenchless CIPP technology, you can get the latest brochure from our downloads page, or to send us a product enquiry, please visit our contact page.

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