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From the grill to the table, there is often a delay of a few minutes between the end of the cooking process and the final delivery of a tasty hot meal to your hungry guests. To keep food warm, infrared lamps are an essential heat source in the catering industry. Rather than overcook food while the waiter comes to collect the plate, chefs use a heated shelving system to maintain the piping hot temperature of the dish. Not only does the heat prolong the “straight from the oven” period, but it also keeps the texture and consistency of many foods in check until the service takes place.

As such, Ushio offers powerful IR single tubes surrounded by robust quartz glass to provide the heat source for hot plates and gantries. They can either be used individually or they can be put together to form a thermal bridge and heat up the delicious food on offer. Every kitchen is different, and to make sure you get the right solution for your kitchen, Ushio offers a customisation service too. No matter the size, colour temperature, or power level your chef needs to keep his food fresh, Ushio can design and manufacture a lamp to match your exact requirements.

Hugely popular in the catering industry, Ushio manufactures a series of single ended IR lamps which feature an additional outer jacket tube. Any type of lamp can suffer a breakage or burst, however Ushio’s jacketed variety of infrared emitter is protected against debris or liquids that may come into contact with it, thereby avoiding premature failure. The added layer of safety also ensures the emergence of a lamp which is ideal for applications in which foreign body contamination could destroy a product or endanger consumers. With an Ushio infrared heat lamp, if the main inner tube suffers a failure, the outer tube remains intact to allow timely replacement and guarantees the safety of your guests.

Since the success of the EasyFit IR lamp mounting system, Ushio has now developed the new and improved EmitFit IR lamp mounting system. Saving more space than ever, IR lamps fitted with the EmitFit terminal are securely fixed in place, while simultaneously connecting the emitter to the power source. The most important quality of this unique mounting system is that no special training is required to replace the lamp. This means your kitchen staff simply needs to wait for the lamp to cool down and can then safely switch in a new lamp in a timely fashion.

Ushio’s latest brochures and product catalogues can be found on our downloads page. If you are ready to make a formal enquiry, please fill in the form on our contact page.

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