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Our one-stop supplier for IR-heater solutions

Ushio presents its innovative heater module

Ushio will be presenting a novel heater module at the Paint Expo 2016 in Karlsruhe, Germany. The heater module can also be used in a “building block” format by combining modules to the required heating fields. Equipped with three short wave IR-lamps, the IR-module achieves a maximum power density of 150 kW/m2 and can be cooled either using an internal or external fan. By using bended short wave IR-lamps in combination with a novel ceramic reflector, the IR-module delivers homogeneous heat distribution to the edges of the device.

No matter what heating application you have, due to the module’s compact size of 295 mm x 72 mm x133 mm and its independently controlled IR-lamps, the IR-module is the best match to create planar and curved heat profiles. Convince yourself of the new IR-module at a live demonstration and visit us at the Paint Expo 2016. If your application requires a different color temperature or lamp power, then please contact us and we will design a solution tailored to your specifications.

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