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Ushio begins production of new high-power 638 nm red laser diode, HL63373HD, to meet rising demand

In response to increasing demand from the laser show market, Ushio Inc. is beginning production of HL63373HD in October. This 638 nm red laser diode (LD) offers 1.0 W (CW) or 1.2 W (pulse) of output, providing an advantageous combination of high output power and small emitter size.

Achieving this level of output power from an emitter width of 40 µm maximises the use of laser light within the optics. Offering an impressive wall-plug efficiency of 41%, HL63373HD is packaged in a 9mm CAN designed for high-heat dissipation, delivering improved temperature performance in comparison to a 5.6 mm CAN package. Additional features include a maximum operating temperature of 45°C, as well as multi-transverse mode with TM mode oscillation. These elements make this LD well-suited for show laser and biomedical applications, as well as a light source for optical equipment or other instrumentation.


  • Show laser
  • Optical equipment light source
  • Bio-medical

Features of HL63373HD

Optical output power1.0 W (CW), 1.2 W (pulse)
Short wavelength638 nm
High wall-plug efficiency41%
Operating temperature45°C
Transverse modeMulti-transverse mode
Oscillation modeTM mode oscillation
Expected lifetimeMTTF > 1,000 hrs

Ushio HL63373HD 638 nm laser diode specifications - typical characteristic curve, product image, internal circuit, far field pattern

Contact Ushio Europe to place your red laser diode orders

Clients located in the EMEA region can receive more information about HL63373HD by filling in the form on the Ushio Europe contact page. If you are based outside of the EMEA region, you can still place orders with Ushio’s other regional solid state lighting departments:



Datasheet for HL63373HD laser diode

Datasheet: HL63373HD 638 nm Red Laser Diode | Ushio Europe B.V.

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