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Multi Wavelength LED

February 9th 2018

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Multi Wavelength LED

As world market leader in the field of specialist lighting with experience spanning over five decades, Ushio is embracing the growing demand for solid state lighting solutions and offers a vast array of products to satisfy a diverse and global market.

Wide range of Multi wavelength LED solutions

For customers who wish to construct a bespoke Multi Wavelength solution, Ushio is able to offer a wide range of LEDs and the possibility to design an LED package that matches their specific requirement and wavelength need between 365nm and 1650nm.  Customers are able to choose any package including CMA, SMTT, SMT, SMB. Applications include:
  • Medical (oximeter, endoscopy, etc.)
  • Measurement (Oil & gas, Oxygen etc)
  • Agricultural Inspection systems
  • Security inspection (banknote identification)
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