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Bringing light to LOPEC: USHIO demo 172nm excimer surface activation

Sure to be a highlight amongst a plethora of participants, we will bring the printed electronics industry to life for a third consecutive year at LOPEC 2019. With live technical displays of homogenous UV curing by the Ushio Excimer Demonstrator, delegates will witness the capabilities of versatile, mercury-free excimer lamps & modular solutions. Where standard UV lamps failed, our modules utilise a noble gas halide compound for the generation of short-wavelength (172nm) VUV radiation. Located at Munich Trade Fair Centre Hall B0, Stand 203, you will see the demonstration of many applications, from 09:00 on Wednesday March 20, 2019.

  • Surface activation and cleaning
  • Photobonding: eliminates use of heavy adhesives
  • Optical ashing
  • Sterilisation
  • Facilitates improvement in bonding of inks, coatings, and lacquers to surfaces
  • Allows 3D electronics to be printed directly onto treated surfaces

The faster VUV alternative to corona and plasma-based solutions

The building-block style ExciJet series brings high quality, scalable, plug-and-play excimer lamps into the lab while promising low power consumption and long-term efficiency. The process can be applied to limitless fields and excimer has already become established in the medical, military, automotive, and aviation sectors. The possibility to integrate Ushio into your existing systems establishes many favourable benefits:

  • Full power from the get-go with instant on / off functionality
  • Zero electrical interference
  • Preheating and cooling cycles are eradicated
  • Omission of static electrical fields; attraction of contaminants prevented
  • IR emissions are eliminated / no surface thermal load from charged particles
  • Environmentally-friendly & low maintenance

Customised UV flexibility for printed electronics at LOPEC 2019

Bespoke excimer lamp and housing systems can be designed on request, unlocking the immense application possibility for various materials and surfaces. With an in-built power supply and completely flexible specifications, the excimer lamp & module solutions can easily adjust to your needs.

  • Broad length & dimmable power ranges: 55mm 9W lamp up to 2kW with the 2600mm lamp
  • Unlimited lamp capacity, each individually calibrated for different spectra examination
  • Phosphor-generated wavelengths from 170nm – 350nm

There is only one way to know for sure, and that is to come and see us in Munich, where you can see this amazing technology in action. Aside from the excimer lamps, feel free to come for a chat about other UV curing solutions, IR drying, laser processes, photodiodes, and much more. Not only can Ushio help you find the right product for your needs, we can share our years of research to help make recommendations for process and execution. See you there!




Munich Trade Fair Centre

Hall B0, Stand 203

20-21 March 2019


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