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Lighting for stage

October 17th 2017

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The ultimate lighting for stage

Lighting for stage is essential in order to create the right scenery and mood. At Ushio we master the art of realizing the ultimate illumination for entertainment success. We offer a wide variety of lighting for every angle on the stage, resulting in ideal focus and positioning. No matter if you want to create the perfect stage for a theatre production or a concert, our lighting for stage maximizes all the atmospheric effects desired. While doing so, Ushio contributes to a sustainable environment by efficiently using the power of light.

"Ushio technology enables"

Setting the right lighting scene

The selection of the lighting for your stage needs careful planning. First you have to take the genre into consideration, as well as the size and layout of the venue. After that, you can plan out your required lighting rig on paper. Based on this you will be able to fully focus on where your stage lighting needs to go. At Ushio we offer you a broad selection of high quality light sources for stage, studio, theatre and video, SSTV. Our halogen lamps guarantee a long lifespan with a high luminous output per Watt.


Spot lights and show lights

The Ushio UXL and HPL series are ideally used for spot lighting. The Xenon Short Arc High Wattage of our UXL series is perfect spot lights to create ultimate visualization. The same goes for our halogen single ended lamps, due to their high color temperature and stability. The lights of the Ushio UMI series are typically used for shows and discotheques. Both our halogen double ended lamps and the halogen reflector lamps are very popular in the entertainment world.

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