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Less Thorium oxide in USHIO lamps!

This summer, Ushio, the market leader for xenon lamps, will be introducing lamps with reduced Thorium oxide content. This material is being used in discharge lamps to enhance their ignitibility and continuous operation. Thorium oxide is low-level radioactive, but when incorporated in a xenon lamp, it is not hazardous to human health, which was confirmed by an independent study conducted by the International Atomic Energy Agency. Nevertheless, Ushio has chosen to not take the easiest solution for its lamps, but the best technical and environmentally friendly one instead. And without passing the costs on to its customers!

Ushio’s Sales Director for EMEA, Nils Büker, says: “With this new technology, our engineers have not only proven again why Ushio is the well-deserved market leader for cinema projection lamps, they have also underlined Ushio’s ambition to offer its customers environmentally friendly products. It goes without saying that we will not be cutting back on quality: over 1,000 lamps have been tested in a field trial and we can assure our customers of the same high reliability they have come to expect from Ushio. Thanks to the long warranty periods and the great light efficiency, we can often offer cinema operators the lamp with the lowest operating cost.”

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