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Laser Diode

September 18th 2017

Laser Diode

A laser diode is used in many different situations. An example might be reading a Blue-Ray disc or scanning a barcode at the supermarket when shopping. Laser printers and laser scanners, however, also use a laser diode to be able to do their jobs. A laser diode is available in different versions and which one you need depends on the application for which it is to be used. At Ushio you will find a wide range of different diodes with laser technology.

"USHIO technology enables"

The best laser diode for every application

A laser diode can differ in quality. Therefore, it is important that you choose the best quality for the best performance of the application for which you would like to use the laser diode. If you need advice on the implementation of a laser diode, of course you can always contact us free of any obligation. We like to apply our knowledge and experience to provide you with proper advice. The use of laser diodes is rapidly growing, both in consumer electronics and in companies, and of course in health care.

Order your laser diode directly online or ask for more information

Would you like to order a laser diode now? Than you can order it online at Ushio. For more information you can contact us on our email address at info@ushio.eu. You can call the branch in the Netherlands on our telephone number +31 20 446 9333 .

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