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K 2019 to showcase USHIO’s plastic and rubber industrial lighting solutions

Over 240,000 visitors expected to make the journey to Düsseldorf’s K 2019

Messe Düsseldorf is preparing for Ushio’s arrival at the world’s biggest trade show for plastics and rubber, as K 2019 approaches its mammoth eight day run in Germany. After a three year recess, the popular industry event will make its long-awaited return on 16-23 October. Taking up residence at booth G63 in exhibition hall 10, Ushio Europe is pleased to announce the twin demonstrators for its excimer and infrared technologies will be present for the duration of the K show. As the world leader in speciality light source manufacturing, Ushio will also have its experts on hand to discuss relevant industrial applications across its entire international portfolio.

After a rousing reception at K 2016, Ushio made its 2019 appearance a top priority. Over 232,000 visitors attended last time, with 71% of those making the journey from outside Germany. These statistics prove this gargantuan event to be time worthy for any manufacturer involved in plastics and rubber, no matter where in the world their business is located. Surveys conducted by the organisational team behind K 2016 suggested the majority of visitors were interested in machinery and equipment for the production of plastics and rubber. Ushio’s renowned R&D teams have created a litany of solutions for the many applications that keep this valuable industry moving:

Applications made easy by Ushio’s speciality lighting solutions

  • Activation
  • Adhesion
  • CIPP
  • Cleaning
  • Curing
  • Drying
  • Epitaxy
  • Fibre Placement
  • Fibre Winding
  • Matting
  • Moulding
  • Priming
  • RTM
  • Tempering
  • RTP
  • Spot Welding
  • Thermoforming

K 2019: IR solutions from the Ushio portfolio to be presented

At K 2019, visit Ushio at Hall 10 Stand G63, for live demonstrations of groundbreaking industrial solutions. Widely implemented in the thermoforming of rubber and plastics, you will experience a live demonstration of Ushio’s versatile infrared heating equipment. Regardless of which application you strive to achieve, the power of infrared light has been harnessed by Ushio to enable your process to achieve maximum efficiency.

Ushio focuses on customised IR solutions, but has also developed a series of IR Modules and auxiliary components that serve as the basic building blocks for many typical IR processes. The standard portfolio consists of IR modules with wavelengths ranging from 0.8µm to 1.5µm and power densities ranging from 150kW/m² to 300kW/m². All IR modules feature integrated cooling, a quick exchange mechanism for IR lamps, and are ready for immediate use. For your IR heating needs, Ushio proudly presents the IRtenser series. Customised versions or individual solutions are available upon request.

Introducing the Ushio Innovation Laboratory for industrial applications testing

Ushio is able to customise its products to your specific needs, and can even replicate your own in-line processes at the Infrared Innovation Lab in Steinhöring, Bavaria. The IRtenser LC220 Demonstrator at K 2019 is simply a taster of what to expect, and exemplifies how the Ushio experience encompasses research, development, and implementation. The unique L-shaped IR module, which will be presented to delegates, will display the heat levels achieved throughout treatment of various common substrates.

IRtenser series of infrared heating equipment to be demonstrated at K

DeviceNameDescriptionDimensions (mm)Heating area (mm)Power (kW)Article number

IRtenser U300Compact IR module with U-type emitters for efficient space usage295*72*133270*553610003156

IRtenser LC220Ultraflat L-shaped IR module for simultaneous heating of two surfaces. Equipped with a quartz window. Hybrid cooling available.270*115*4050*40 + 170*402.7610003856

IRtenser R280Reference IR module with high power density. Multispectral IR lamp range. IR lamps with Easyfit quick connection.409*146*10280*1106610004228

IRtenser R280+Reference IR module with high power density. Multispectral IR lamp range. IR lamps with Easyfit quick connection. Equipped with a quartz window.409*146*10280*1106610004229

The rise of VUV excimer continues as Ushio treatments break composites market

Surface activation pre-treatment for improved adhesion of inks, lacquers, and paints remains the top selling point of our vacuum-ultraviolet (VUV) excimer solutions, but the added bonus of disinfection and static-free discharge means sensitive substrates and electronics benefit too. With the addition of our popular Excimer Demonstrator to K 2019, visitors will see first-hand how this impressive ‘cold’ light source can revolutionise your production line. From UV curing to spot welding composite materials, Ushio are in the business of making critical advancements that drive the progress of not only industrial evolution, but that of the human race too. Lighting the way for new design ideas, enabling the production of groundbreaking devices, and supporting the consistent advancement of technology is all in a day’s work at Ushio, and it does not stop there.

Successful applications made possible by Ushio’s excimer solutions

  • Surface activation and cleaning
  • Photobonding: eliminates use of heavy adhesives
  • Optical ashing
  • Matting with high homogeneity / uniformity
  • Disinfection and decontamination of surfaces, gases, solids, and liquids such as water
  • Facilitates improvement in bonding of inks, coatings, and lacquers to surfaces
  • Allows 3D electronics to be printed directly onto treated surfaces

A facility similar to the aforementioned IR Innovation Lab has been developed for Ushio’s excimer technology, which allows clients to experiment on their production materials before committing to a purchase order. In the past, Ushio has provided successfully excimer solutions to research pioneers such as the Fraunhofer ILT PhotonFlex project and original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) like SteriLux SA. The beauty of excimer is its adaptability, able to be installed as an independent large scale solution or as a compact module which integrates directly into existing production lines.

Ushio excimer technology harnesses safer UV wavelengths

In general, ultraviolet light has the deserved reputation of being dangerous for humans; however this only takes place at wavelengths of 354nm and above. At 354nm, UV light gains enough intensity that it is able to penetrate the epidermal layer of skin and cause molecular changes in the layers beneath. Excimer irradiation from Ushio occupies customisable wavelengths between 170nm and 310nm, which are chosen for the specific qualities achieved at each single wavelength.

At this range of intensity, the UV radiation is unable to penetrate the top layer of skin and simply deactivates any bacteria that may be present on the surface. Our surface activation technology has been developed to concentrate 172nm light on your chosen substrates. On the other hand, our PureRelease water purification component has proven 242nm light to be most effective in the instant disinfection of water at the point of dispensation (POD). Ushio is also working on an irradiation device that will operate at 222nm, and in the future, will be utilised in pioneering medical procedures to promote faster wound healing.

As you can see, excimer applications are proliferating and will play a huge part in the future of Ushio as a business, as well as changing the daily lives of everyday people and industries all over the world. With IR solutions well established within world industry already, delegates at K 2019 are welcome to join Ushio for a lesson in technology, both old and new. Make your way to Messe Düsseldorf Hall 10, Booth G63 from 16 to 23 October 2019, and discover how Ushio will bring light to life and your industrial processes.

K 2019

Messe Düsseldorf
Hall 10, Booth G63
16 – 23 October 2019
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