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Inspirational founder Jiro Ushio retires after 57 years

After almost 57 years of exemplary leadership, the man who oversaw the growth of Ushio into a global powerhouse of lighting technology has announced his retirement. Jiro Ushio, who gave his family name to the company in 1964, proposed the idea to the Board of Directors and brought his tenure as Chairman and Ushio Group Representative to an immediate close.

Despite stepping aside as the head of the group, Jiro Ushio will continue to support the management of Ushio by offering his vast expertise whenever it is required, in the role of Director and Corporate Adviser. The long-time leader leaves his Chairmanship with Ushio standing on a firm foundation; achieving yearly net sales of 1.42 billion Euros (2018).

Back in 1964, the foundation of Ushio, Inc. created a new manufacturer of speciality industrial light sources. The company has since evolved into a “light creator” which provides light units, equipment, and systems as well as “light solutions” through the development of new light sources and the application of proprietary optical technology. Ushio’s light technology is not only for “illumination” but is also widely employed in cutting-edge industrial sectors and across the science and technology arena. In addition to producing countless products that have amassed a global share of many different markets, Ushio consistently cultivates new business fields in areas such as biotechnology, agriculture, medical applications, and the environment.

Jiro Ushio nurtured the company from its genesis and instilled an ethos within it which seeks to challenge the possibilities of light. Regardless of the financial strength of the company, Mr. Ushio created a project which ingrained a sense of determined curiosity within its 5,700 employees. Across the 56 companies of the Ushio Group, the most talented innovators in the world of light have been assembled to ensure Ushio continues to provide the highest quality on the largest scale possible.

With a legacy such as this, the future of Ushio remains a bright one. Here at Ushio Europe in particular, we would like to send our congratulations and thanks to Mr. Jiro Ushio for his outstanding contribution to the world of lighting technology and the lives of millions across the world. It is an honour to continue applying light to life in his name, and we will do so for many years to come.

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