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IR Innovation Laboratory

February 9th 2018

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Ushio's in-house IR Innovation Laboratory

A clear commitment to providing bespoke, total solutions

As part of Ushio’s growing commitment to offering bespoke, tailor made and highly specialised solutions, to meet the needs of the customer as well as fostering unique and committed partnerships for shared success, Ushio can offer customers the ability to utilise an in-house IR innovation laboratory situated at Ushio’s German facility in Steinhöring.

The laboratory, available for use upon consultation for current and prospective Ushio customers, houses an adjustable conveyor belt system which is used to transport the IR material into the unit for analysis. A 2D scanning device allowing the measurement of the radiation patterns of IR lamps and IR modules in 2 dimensions enables the investigation, analysis and optimisation of IR equipment designs. Furthermore, the laboratory is equipped with an array of sensors and detection tools for the acquisition, visualisation and analysis of measurement data.

"Ushio technology enables"

Exploring IR opportunities and creating something remarkable, together

The IR lab is for customers who would like to improve their existing Infrared designs, optimise existing infrared processes and thoroughly analyse infrared performance under laboratory testing conditions which is not always possible at the customers own facility. Together, with the unparalleled expertise of Ushio technical staff, the IR innovation laboratory can pave the way for truly remarkable innovation through means of collaboration and joint investigation.

Possible IR Innovation Laboratory uses:

  • Improving existing IR designs
  • Optimising existing IR processes
  • Analysis of IR performance

For more information, and to discuss future collaboration and partnership opportunities, please contact

Latest IR Innovation Lab news:

Ushio pushes boundaries in IR solutions portfolio

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