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InPrint 2019 stays cool as Ushio Europe lights the way

Ushio’s excimer and UV LED solutions top print industry show in Munich

Ushio will be attending InPrint Munich, from 12-14 November 2019, as the leading innovator in industrial lighting for printing applications. As a key producer of curing and drying solutions, Ushio will be ready to discuss its complete portfolio of OEM print machine components at Munich Trade Fair Centre Hall A6 Stand 657. Ushio is already well respected within the realm of the conventional UV and IR lamps, and its mastery of surface science has extended the possibilities of increased ink adhesion through its pioneering excimer lamps and UV LEDs.

Ushio’s modular ExciJet UV excimer lamp series simultaneously improves wettability and cleans sensitive surfaces without the damage caused by corona, flame, and plasma techniques. Meanwhile, the UniJet UV LED series deftly excludes chemical emissions from your curing and roll-in print processes.

Ushio’s excimer surface activation showcased at InPrint 2019

Ushio is more than capable of handing informed advice to prospective clients at InPrint 2019. At the three day show, the benefits of excimer will become clear during live demonstrations held by the Technical Development Team. Surface activation is useful for all kinds of applications but often choosing the wrong method can lead to expensive complications later. Excimer is unique because it provides irradiation without allowing an electrical discharge to make direct contact with the substrate surface. This means that the treated surface will hold on to any correctly applied ink, adhesive, or lacquer for longer.

Excimer Treatment Promotes Successful Ink Adhesion
Example of ink adhesion with traditional printing methods versus ink adhesion after Ushio excimer surface treatment.


As an alternative to corona- and plasma-based surface treatments, excimer’s cold light drastically reduces the excess heat produced by comparable IR methods. In fact, the IR emissions from excimer are almost non-existent, as is the presence of any thermal stress to the substrate. This reduced thermal load means no damage to the surface structure, which in turn assures better bonding results.

Corona and plasma are both electrical discharge methods, so the object being treated receives a heavier impact on its surface. Electrical discharge occurs when fluid in the air surrounding a conductor is ionised, which in the case of corona and plasma, is created by applying a high-voltage between two electrodes. Instead, Ushio excimer lamps utilise VUV light to treat the surface, so there is no discharge reaction or damage to your substrates, nor is a significant heat load applied to the surface. Ultimately, this lower heat load makes excimer an ideal solution for temperature sensitive substrates, such as foils.

Download the Ushio Excimer Irradiation Solutions brochure here.

Curing gets cool at InPrint 2019 with Ushio’s UniJet UV LED modules

Ushio has not been afraid to launch itself into the UV LED market, and has found success with its customisable UniJet modules. Designed for the highest performance in printing, curing, and image processing, UniJet has been launched in three distinct lines. The UniJet A, E, and i-Series have been developed specifically with the commercial and industrial printing industries in mind. InPrint 2019 visitors will have the opportunity to speak directly with Ushio representatives who have first-hand experience of using these devices, with the flagship UniJet E-Series taking centre stage on this occasion.

The entire range of Ushio’s UniJet UV LED modules holds a clear advantage over their traditional UV curing counterparts. With a total absence of mercury within the device and the complete eradication of ozone emissions, UniJet offers safer operation conditions while ensuring unprecedented energy efficiency. The compact and easy to operate UniJet units are designed to remain fully operational for over 10,000 hours of use, and are available with either water or air cooling.

UniJet E-Series features customised optical distribution system

The air cooled UniJet E-Series modules have proven themselves to be particularly adept when installed within an inkjet or 3D printing device. Offering the UniJet E-Series in three different varieties, Ushio has developed a series of optical systems that allow the user to choose the most suitable intensity distribution for their particular application. The E-Series modules can be linked together, up to three times in the standard series and twice for the E II-Series.

For full specifications of the UniJet series, please download the brochure here.

The Air Cooled UniJet E-Series

  • Mercury Free
  • Ozone Free
  • Energy Efficient
  • Compact Design
  • High Peak Irradiance
  • Dimmable
  • Long Life > 10,000 Hours
  • Air Cooled
  • Available Wavelengths: 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm

UniJet E-HD (High Dose)

The UniJet E-HD offers a high dose of accumulated irradiance which makes it the ideal solution for deployment in quick drying applications, such as inkjet printers.

UniJet E-HC (High Condensing)

Focusing the light using an integrated rod, the UniJet E-HC is able to achieve higher peak irradiance than the E-HD. The High Condensing model is most suitable for UV curing and other side emitting applications.

UniJet E-U-DOS (Ushio Directional Optical System)

The UniJet E-U-DOS model offers a shift in the irradiation area angle, which in turn provides effective light focus. This unique technology prevents clogging in the print head.

The UniJet E-Series features several optical distribution options for the optimisation of client applications
The UniJet E-Series features several optical distribution options for the optimisation of client applications.

Get a free ticket to InPrint 2019 in Munich with Ushio Europe

Ushio Europe will be available at InPrint Munich from 12-14 November 2019. If you have not already purchased your ticket, you can buy one here and also gain free entry to the InPrint Munich 2019 Technical Conference. However, Ushio Europe is happy to let you in on a little InPrint 2019 secret!

You can save the full Season Ticket price of 84 Euros by using the promotional code IP19NOW during the checkout process. This ticket also allows the holder to enter the co-located shows Productronica and Semicon for the duration of InPrint Munich. Simply visit the InPrint 2019 Digital Show Preview and click the free ticket link on page 41. Be quick though, there are only a limited number of free tickets available. We look forward to seeing you there!

InPrint Munich
Messe München
Hall A6, Stand 657
12 – 14 November 2019


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