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CineEurope 2019 braces for USHIO’s LUMINITY impact in Barcelona

Bringing the resurgence of xenon cinema projector lamps to the top of the 2019 agenda, Ushio Europe is happy to announce our presence at the 28th annual edition of the CineEurope film expo. With exciting product launches and mouth-watering cocktails on offer, we invite you to join us at Barcelona’s Centre Convencions Internacional (CCIB) on 17-20 June 2019. You will find us serving refreshments, as well as insider knowledge on our groundbreaking LUMINITY series, at Stand 117.

Ushio toast the success of Svenska Bio’s Peter Fornstam at CineEurope 2019

CineEurope is the official convention of the International Union of Cinemas (UNIC), who not only aim to raise awareness of the latest and greatest industry innovations, but also honour companies and individuals who have made an important contribution to cinema. We are excited to reveal that one of our most loyal customers, Peter Fornstam, will be awarded the UNIC Award of Achievement for his starring role in the enhancement of the cinema experience. The Svenska Bio founder is well-respected on the European cinema circuit, serving as the chairman of the Swedish Exhibitors’ Association and as a board member for Nordic production powerhouse, SF Studios. This latest recognition of his dedication to the trade only reinforces his legend, with UNIC President Phil Clapp describing his pioneering career as “extraordinary”.

The awards ceremony will take place on the final day of the show, which leaves plenty of time for visitors to take a look at the lamp series’ that we offer to cinema entrepreneurs such as Mr. Fornstam. For every cinema, a unique solution is required depending on what you want from your cinema lamps. Ushio’s long-standing commitment to 35mm, digital, and giant screen projection has seen our impressive range grow over the years, now with six different xenon short arc lamp collections under our belt.

Ushio cinema projector lamps

Analogue Projector Lamps

Digital Projector Lamps

  • DXL: When you simply need raw power, fire up the projector and let this lamp series do the rest.
  • DXL-L: Long lifetime, low maintenance, and minimal lamp replacements.
  • DXL-LU (New!): The new kid on the block, the LUMINITY series, offers up to 500 additional warranty hours. These lamps usher in a new era of unprecedented quality and profitability for cinema owners. The new DXL-LU series takes the concept of long lamp lifetimes to the extreme, by refusing to sacrifice performance to achieve it.

Ushio celebrates cinema with extended warranty, lifetime, and lumens

Aside from the impressive range already offered by Ushio, the LUMINITY (LU-series) has just added a fourth lamp to its arsenal. There is no sign of stopping either, as Ushio has already received authentication for BARCO and NEC projectors, and continues to develop the range to eventually support all major projector brands. With impressive extensions to their already generous warranties, Ushio are showing their full confidence in LUMINITY. The latest edition, the DXL-30BAF/LU, even offers a warranty covering 100% of the 2,200 hour average lifetime, and the LUMINITY series maintains an average of 17% more lumens after 1,500 hours, when many other market contenders would fail entirely.

LUMINITY DXL/LU-series digital cinema projector solutions

USHIO LUMINITY Lamp TypeWarranty (Hrs)Compatible Projector(s)
DXL-30BAF/LU2,200DP2K-15C, DP1500, DP2000, DP2K-19B,
DP2K-20C, DP2K-23B, DP4K-23B
DXL-40BAF/LU1,900DP2000, DP2K-19B, DP2K-20C, DP2K-23B, DP4K-23B
DXL-60SN/LU1,000NC2500S, NC3200S, NC3240S
DXL-65BA/L(U)900DP2K-32B, DP4K-32B

The bright new generation of long-lasting xenon lamp, LUMINITY breaks new ground with its high initial brightness that sustains for longer, while promising 100-500 additional operational warranty hours. These developments show that Ushio is committed to supporting the cinema owner, by extending the lifetime of our lamp products without compromising performance. In short, LUMINITY is a gateway to less lamp replacements, longer lumen maintenance, and a considerable warranty extension that will safeguard lower overheads and maximise profits.

Ushio raise the bar with LUMINITY at CineEurope 2019

Roll up to the bar at CineEurope 2019, sip on a beverage (or two) concocted by our very own cocktail maestro, and pore over the achievements that Ushio is bringing to share with you. Our dedicated cinema experts will be on hand to talk you through our renowned cinema catalogue, and assure you of the impact that our latest technological innovations will have on your business.

CineEurope 2019
Centre Convencions Internacional Barcelona (CCIB)
Plaça de Willy Brandt, 11-14, 08019 Barcelona, Spain
17-20 June 2019

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