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USHIO unveil 660nm Single-Mode High-Power Red Laser Diode

Ushio is proud to announce the unveiling of a new 660nm red laser diode which produces an output power of 200mW CW / 400mW pulsed. The series is available with three different types of connector (CC, AC, or FN) to be designated as HL65221DG, HL65222DG, and HL65223DG respectively.

With this latest development, engineers at Japan-based Ushio Opto-Semiconductors, Inc. have achieved unprecedented precision control for industrial sensing, measurement, medical, and biological applications. The aluminium gallium indium phosphide (AlGaInP) structured lasers have a narrow stripe with low loss waveguide, and have demonstrated durability with extended hours of stable operation at high temperatures.

This high-power laser diode offers a built-in monitoring photo-diode at the lasing wavelength. Its unique design enables system engineers to monitor the photodiode current and adjust power variants and temperature, enabling accurate control and stable performance.

660nm laser diode confirms Ushio’s powerful influence on technology

Ushio continues to evolve technology for the unique needs of its customers by developing high-power and high-efficiency laser diodes, so they can be run longer while maintaining consistent output power. The reduction of heat generation allows for a more compact cooling system, and low power consumption supports remote applications such as levelling and distance measurement.

660nm single mode, high-power laser diode

Features and benefits

  • High output power (200mW CW, 400mW pulsed)
  • High reliability
  • Longer lifetime (MTTF 10,000h)
  • Stable performance through built-in monitoring photodiode

Applications for 660nm HL65221DG / HL65222DG / HL65223DG

  • Sensing
  • Photoelectric sensor
  • Distance measurement
  • Time of flight sensor (TOF)
  • Machine vision
  • 2D / 3D Scanning
  • Bio-medical
  • Genetic testing / Flow cytometry

Novel In-Plane Semiconductor Lasers XIX session welcomes 200mW CW, 400mW pulsed laser diode to SPIE Photonics West

The team behind its creation will present their findings for the first time at SPIE Photonics West Opto, at The Moscone Center, San Francisco, USA. Ushio will officially unveil the new laser diode on Monday 3rd February 2020, at 2:40pm, during session one of ‘Novel In-Plane Semiconductor Lasers XIX’. The discussion in Room 306 (Level 3 South) will be chaired by Professor Michael Kneissl, Executive Director at Technische Universität Berlin (Germany). Representing Ushio Europe at the Ushio America, Inc. and Necsel booth, will be our SSL Sales Director, Ardan Fuessman, who can be at your disposal for further enquiries by clicking here.

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Official press release:

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